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How It Works

  • Seagulls are creatures of habit. Once they have spent time on your boat (and made a mess of it!) they return again and again.
  • Clean your boat and install a Scaregull and you will find that its rotating action deters the seagulls from landing all day, every day (and night). The gulls find a new home and never return.
  • On a larger boat you may need additional Scaregulls to be completely gull free.
  • Scaregull and its mounting pin should always be removed and stored before you go sailing.


Seagull Facts

  • The three most common gulls in the UK are the Common Gull, the Lesser Black Backed Gull and the Herring Gull.
  • Gulls mate for life and can have three chicks each year for 15 years! Each pair of gulls will produce 45 young.
  • Gulls are most agressive and noisy during the breeding season, April - June.