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Additional Fixing Kits
Strap Fixing

3 metres long 25mm webbing strap including a pair of side release clips enables the standard mounting block to be secured in a number of locations.

  • Around a furled sail and cover
  • On top of a canvas hood or Bimini cover
  • On a curved cabin top
Variable Angle Bracket

Allows the standard mounting block to be installed on an angled surface. The bracket is easily bent to allow the pin to be in a vertical position.

300mm (12") Mounting Pin

For use when the Scaregull needs to be raised to miss obstructions such as hand rails. The standard mounting pin is 150mm (6")

Soft Canvas Fitting

Allows the Scaregull to be mounted in a variety of places (without drilling holes!), on a cabin roof,around a furled sail, on top of a bimini. The canvas can be tied down with a strap, rope or bungee cord.

U Bolt

Allows the Scaregull to be mounted on any handrail (up to diameter 25mm / 1"). It can also be used under a waterproof cover such as a Cuddy or Bimini.

Quick Release Rail Fixing

Allows the Scaregull to be fitted to any hand rail – easily removable when under way (rail diameter 25mm / 1").

Spare Parts
Arm (each)
Pair of Sails

New design including stainless steel clips.

Standard Mounting Pin 150mm (6")
Mounting Block and Screws
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